My new website does not work

Good morning, I recently had a problem with my new website, when installing wordpress and the .wuaze domain, apparently everything was perfect. But when I first entered the website, the domain redirected me directly to the Wuaze website by default, without having access to the website I had created, I could not edit it either.

A strange thing also happens, when I use the mobile data on my phone, the website does load (the template I chose for the website, I could also access the wp-admin app) but when I connected with the wifi, again It redirected me to the wuaze website by default.

Has this ever happened to you, is there a solution?

Hey there,

I am not pretty sure what you meant by this.

But do keep in mind that if you’ve recently registered your domain name, it will take around 72 hours to be accessible worldwide. And also, try clearing your browser cache.


Thank you for your collaboration, it is strange because I have searched the website on another computer and it does work, but on my cell phone and other computers it does not work. We can say that the web works randomly.

Like I said, have you tried clearing your browser history?


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