My little forum sign up problems

I use my little forum plugin for my site and my friends wanted to sign up but it keeps telling them invalid email so they can’t any ideas?

So,it’s your plugin/forum CMS problem. Not hosting problem.


May be reinstalling should work.

What CMS or web software did you use for your site? We need more addittional details here for us to identify the problem and probable solution.

And what’s that forum plugin you have told? Give the name of that plugin too.


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Have you tried registering a test user to see exactly what the response/error message is?

As others have said it could be a plugin, but could also be operator error on the other end, that’s why I suggest you doing the registering of a test user to see it for yourself.

I used the my little forum plugin and it is version 2.4.20

yes it says invalid email i have tried with gmail and hotmail both not working

I try to search the “my little forum” and this what i got.

Have you tried to contact the developers about that problem? They might give an exact answer and may help you out.

EDIT: I think you already contacted them on their Github repository (link).


yes i did use the github but wasn’t sure how active they were so posted here too and yes you are correct in what you found that is the right plugin

Please note that while we provide Softaculous for you to use, we haven’t actually built Softaculous. And Softaculous lets you install website software, but they haven’t built most of that website software. So please understand that we don’t know every detail about every one of the hundreds of CMS installable through Softaculous.

I’ve personally never even heard of this software before, let alone that I know why it behaves in a certain way.


what is your website?

Can you disable its maintenance mod so that I can try registering?

sure its open now

Had you enabled something like trusted emails setting.(Don’t know it’s exact name)
I believe some forums have such functionality which prevents the emails from registering from all domains else than the one you specify.

You need to either update the forum or change the PHP Version :eyes: That’s what they said on Github

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