My Images don't appear + 403 forbidden and more problems

Username (epiz_30184557) and Website URL

Error Message

  • Could not read line from socket
  • I have successfully uploaded 2 images, they don’t appear on my website, nor on a 2nd tab
  • On a second tab the image wont load and my 403 error page appears all the time

What I’ve done so far:

  • I deleted the browser cache
  • tried to change the CHMOD to execute on both images, delete the cache, but the images wont show up and my 403 error page will always appear
  • Tried to look if Google Chrome has updates, but its still up-to-date.

Other Information

I want to know if its a problem that can be solved and if yes how do I do it, or is it a serverside problem that just Infinityfree could solve, if yes could you please solve this as I really need to put those images in my website, because of this problem I couldn’t write anything else on my website, so my website is currently not up-to-date. Thanks in advance

Hi and welcome to the forum

Help us by saying where and exactly which images should be shown

also in which folder (name) they are located (uploaded) ?
name of those two files?

I assume they contain the word chat in the name and that’s why they lead to 403

because it is a forbidden word on hosting

rename to something else


Rename the files so they don’t contain chat word
and then try to upload

and edit the HTML code to reflect the new file name


Ohh, my images contain the word schatten but this simply means shadow in German.
but if this is making the error then I have to just rename them, and sorry for not posting everything at first, its my first post.

so my 2 images are located on htdocs/img/news
with the following names:


zoom because its the same image but bigger.

Thanks in advance


Thanks for the file names - exactly what I assumed,
and such a file is deleted from the server after uploading

So rename it to something else on your local PC
and then upload those two pictures with changed names
and edit your code so that it calls these new filenames.


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