My HTML Website doesnt show Media

i got the Problem that i want to add an Icon to my Website but it doesn’t show up.

I tried a lot of things when i try to enter the URL of the site with the path of the .png it sends me to and i dont know how to fix it.

Can somone pleas help me with this?

Hi and welcome to the forum

of course,
please, what is your address (domain)?

But you can do it yourself by following this article


my Website Address is This

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This png ?
and this one is fine also

everything looks normal to me


Maybe the cause is just cache.

Please clear the browser cache by pressing a few times Ctrl + F5 while viewing your website.

If that doesn’t help (because some browsers are stubborn) then follow these instructions


when i open it doesnt show the image.

I made two of each one with a “I” and one with a “i”

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try adding www. in front of the address
click here
or 32 version
and thereby force your browser to treat it as a separate domain (so it will not use the cache)

and let me know if it still leads you to a 404 error

for me, all versions (uppercase and lowercase i ) work normally


never mind it was just a cache and cookie problem

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Thanks for the Fast Help

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YW - thanks for the feedback and good luck in your future work :slightly_smiling_face:


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