My HTML files are "empty" when I try to edit them with the File Manager

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I uploaded all of my website’s files into the htdocs folder within the File Manager. The files in there by default (like index2.html) load just fine when I click Edit; I can see the code without a problem. :thinking:
However, when I want to edit my own index.html, the editor shows nothing. That’s weird because Google Drive shows me the file just fine (I have a backup of my entire website there), and it shows the content when I open it with Notepad or Notepad++, yet I can’t see the content when I open it with the editor within the File Manager. :astonished:
To make you aware, I created ALL of my HTML files with Angelfire’s File Editor. Angelfire was my previous free hosting service. Is that the problem that all my HTML files can’t be recognized by your File Manager when I try to edit them? Could you help me with this issue?
Thank you for your time :hugs: :dragon:

Do the files load correctly when opened in a web browser?


Yes, they do. No problems with Vivaldi :+1: :dragon:

It seems that I have misunderstood you. The files load fine when checking them offline. However, when I enter the site through my account, it doesn’t show up correctly.
Am I doing something wrong with htdocs? :thinking:

Please provide website url.


One possible explanation: our file manager always assumes all files are created with UTF-8 encoding. If the file has a different encoding, the file manager cannot show it. Google Drive may be smarter in this regard and have better support to detect and handle other file encodings.

Windows/Microsoft tools notably have the tendency to use Windows specific encoding rather than the universally used standards.

What did you use to create this file in the first place?


The quote shows the site where I’m having problems with my HTML files. and this is my website :+1:

As mentioned in this quote, I used Angelfire’s OWN file editor, which never showed me which encoding it used. :+1:
I discovered the problem thanks to you mentioning UTF-8 and by checking on Notepad. My HTML files are stored as ANSI. :man_facepalming:
I save them again as UTF-8. Therefore, I can edit them with this File Manager. :grin: :crossed_fingers:
Since you mentioned this issue, is it why my website is not updating when I upload the HTML files with changes done to them? I updated index.HTML and another HTML file using Notepad++, then uploaded them to htdocs using Filezilla. When I checked the site, the changes I made were not there. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Perhaps being in ANSI makes it impossible for the server to show them correctly?

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I believe that it is caused by caching, a simple Ctrl + F5 should do the trick.


This was the solution to it all. The HTML files MUST be in UTF-8. I’ll make sure to remember it.
About my site being broken? The relative routes in the links were not established correctly. They are now! :smiley:
Thank you all for your help! :heart: I’m going to check “Solution” in the proper post now :hugs: :dragon:


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