My htacess dont work

My website dont work htacess for show index.html if open site, and redirect https code dont work too.
i had old subdomain and i deleted and got new domain now, so still have 2 htdocs. maybe it is problem ?

Well we can’t really help you if you don’t share the code on your .htaccess file.

Also, your site seams to work fine (Your index file should be all lowercase though, that is why the directory listing page is shown.)


your .htaccess not working because your .htaccess file name is not correct. Add a . (dot) before htaccess. .htaccess
Filename will be .htaccess , not htaccess and also follow @Greenreader9 's reply.

Remember all filename’s are case sensitive


I visited your website to try it out (and see if there were any errors) and in the footer there were some of your projects.
I click on them and they open in a new tab while the other page redirects to a malicious link.
Your domain might get suspended for redirecting to malicious sites.

People don’t like when they click on ANY link that opens the page in a new tab while redirecting the other tab to an adfly link.

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It is Adfly popup, not malicious link

Thanks !!!. I have not seen this, it is my fault

please do as @cookie1982 said, don’t include ads are 99.9% malicious / include adult content, both of which you are not allowed to link to on free hosting.

Please, find another safe ad network, and stay away from URL shorteners that serve ads.

True, most people will leave your site and never come back. Is it really worth that just to gain a few cents? You have to get millions of impressions before getting any decent money with


So, how to best choose for monetize my website ???

Sign up for a legit advertising network, such as:

  • AdSense
  • InfoLinks
  • (removed AdSterra from list)

InfoLinks has interstitial links that display on your website in a small box and don’t lead to another, so you could try that if you like how ads work.

Stay away from pop unders, pop ups, ads that are in a separate link (ex, AdFly). Or any other format that might annoy users of your site.

I see that you have a Minecraft website where users can download mods/addons/whatevertheyare. You can charge users for them. This can be done with WordPress and a plugin.

Good luck with monetization!

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@FreeServices Adsterra dont have malwares ?


Huh, didn’t know that. Don’t use Adsterra I guess. Sorry for that

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