My "ht docs" folder was deleted from the file manager. How to get it back

help me please

I would love to know how that disappeared, because permissions do not allow it.

In any case, I would try logging in with FileZilla, just to make sure the error is not on the client-side. If it does not appear on FileZilla either, you will have to create a new hosting account.


filezila does not show heart.I will create a new account.thank you.


You can just create a new folder with the name htdocs. It’s just a folder, it doesn’t have magic hidden properties which are lost forever if you delete it. The only thing that matters is the name.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought you are not allowed to create file in the root directory?

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htdocs is a folder, not a file, so maybe that is allowed.


On Linux everything is a file - even a hard drive or some other hardware :joy:

I tried to make a file and dir and it was done successfully.

it used to be that you can’t make a file outside of htdocs
but it’s been possible for a while…I don’t know if it’s intentional or it’s an omission.
or will it be deleted after?

I noticed that on this topic (see where the apk folder is).


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