My hosting company

if I want to open a hasting company purely for blind people in Russia, including, for example, in Belarus, of course the same as yours without restrictions, no matter where the servers are located, the most important thing is that every user is presented with everything at least as you have in mind without Borders. how this can be done for free or for money, for example, you know, perhaps who knows, please offer your options.

This topic is not related to hosting support, pls change the category to informal etc.

InfinityFree, as well as most free hosts, runs on the MOFH client. It is free to sign-up, as long as you have a custom domain (Free from freenom).

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where can you find it? you can give me a link if they have some kind of site that provides this for example, since I do not quite understand with foreign technologies, and I cannot find such good offers.

If you don’t understand the technologies, you may not want to do this. A good amount of knowledge is required to create something that people will want to use (And will be friendly to screen-readers). The basics provided by iFastNet will not be enough to create something people will easily use.


Ok thx
there for the user who has registered will be the same conditions as here for example?

I’m talking about the fact that if any user of the hosting company that I will create registers, he will receive the same thing or not?

Users will get a lot lower limits than what is here (I believe), but you can choose to pay for better features (I think it is $12 + $.30 per user a month). More information can be found on the pricing page of the link above.

Just to clarify a few things

MyOwnFreeHost doesnt allow free domains.

That’s for WHM reselling Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Dedicated Server, VPS Server I think that MyOwnFreeHost only has one plan.

These questions aren’t really related to InfinityFree hosting, please ask in iFastNet forums: or create a support ticket at iFastNet.

Users here most likely don’t know the answer because they don’t use MyOwnFreeHost, they use InfinityFree.


Really? I have seam resellers with .cf domains before

That is what you have to buy if you want your customers to have the official cPanel, higher limits, etc.

I recommend that. It did take some time to get my MOFH questions answered since they kept answering in a super confusing way, but the forums seam dead.

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Maybe they used to allow them I don’t know.

But why would anyone want to use a free domain for this purpose? Freenom suspends free domains if they get too popular, and, well you’re going to have lots of users creating subdomains on that domain. Plus free domains are ccTLD’s so it doesn’t make much sense if you are located elsewhere.

You seam them!?

You’re kidding? A totally free reseller? What’s the catch!?

There is no catch, just like infinity free. Bust to give your customers you might wanna buy add-ons. The speed may be a little slow compared to paid hosting, obviously. The homepage template looks a bit too outdated (ready to import). And free domains from is not allowed to host on

I have my own domains - this is an interesting prospect once I have the time to look into it

I too tried to signup for one domain, but nameservers, even thought changing in my domain manager, it didn’t want to point to -, only some countries it was pointing. Don’t know exactly why…

you scared me, I really thought that free names would not be allowed, but everything works for me, by the way, I didn’t even set up anything there, really the standard template is very bad and terrible, if you don’t believe that everything works, you can check this link.
Test site

You probably didn’t allow sufficient time for the NS server change to propagate around the world - is a handy tool giving you a map showing where your nameservers are correct and where are not, if you do a query for your domain and the NS entry from the dropdown at the top

I would try again once the propogation has completed. I don’t think .xyz is a free domain? So they are wrong on that count. The main reason is probably that the propogation wasn’t completed so wasn’t pointing to their nameservers from whatever DNS resolver they are using.

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I would agree since the email said that was only common, and not what a actually happened. I have seen many MOFH clients with free domains, so stop scaring me and @Sergy-BY!


It’s been 5 days now and this is the result, doesn’t wanna allow it to point it to that domain I guess. Even when I try to reply back to [email protected], I think it can only send email, but not receive one! Only time can tell what will happen.