My hosting account was suspended because it was over the I / O limit, but I didn't do anything


Your account was suspended because you hit the **I/O Limits

My hosting account has been suspended. It says that my hosting account has exceeded the I / O limit, but for one day yesterday I didn’t upload or download any files from the hosting account.
Is there a solution to this problem? Thank you for your attention.

IO usage is not just uploading and downloading. Actually, I don’t think FTP and file manager usage is counted for IO usage at all.

No, IO usage tracks disk interaction from PHP scripts. If you read and write many (large) files, that results in high IO usage.

Unfortunately, we only track IO usage for the account as a whole. There isn’t really a way to easily figure out which request, visitor, script or even domain is responsible for the IO usage on your account.

So, now I want to move my website to my paid hosting. How to do it ?

Purchase a premium account and tell iFastNet to move your stuff from your free account. That’s it!

No, that’s not what I meant. I want to move my website to another paid hosting provider that I have, not to IFastNet. How to do it ?

Read this…

Same principle applies.

What are the things that can make I / O limits exceeded ?

Please give me an explanation so that my hosting account is no longer suspended every time. Thank you.

there was no need to open a new topic
the admin has already answered you here


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Purchase an account with that other provider and ask them how to do it?

This is the InfinityFree forum. Not the “every paid web hosting provider” forum.


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