My homepage shows the related links

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

after i uploaded my simple design index.html and images folder using my explorer connected to site ftp, appeared with related links in the page.

I’m using this software:

i used the old weppagemaker for my page.

Additional information:

just trying to figure it out whats going on, so i decided to create a new account just to check if the error still exist. yep, epizy related links still appearing.

any idea guys? thanks in advance.

ohh its working now. i have no idea that i have to understand discourse level first. thank you and also to the management thank you so much.

Good day. after several hours of not visiting my site it went down or not displaying my page again… why? should i stay in the panel or even in forums forever just to stay up my site? just asking. TIA

my screenshot:

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Thanks for the fast reply.
I’ve already checked INFINITYFREE page last time and I understand that it will take some time to be able to view the site if it is new. But my account (third) was created last night, i think i did the right thing to wait and see then.
And In my last reply, (7 hours ago) my site was working well, able to display uploaded page. then upon checking, it displaying related links again.

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Did you try to wait, clear cookies and cache or configure a faster DNS resolver on your device?


The site shows up on my end so the Issue is your DNS. Try doing what @Ergastolator1 said above.



thank you for checking it sir. cleaning is already been done last night. do i have to do it again?

If you have already flushed DNS and cleared cookies, change to a better/faster DNS Service.



sorry for my ignorance, meaning i have to changed my internet connection?

Download an app called “DNS Changer” on your Android phone, an app called “DNSCloak” on your iPhone or follow one of the guides available to change the DNS searching on Google for “how to change dns” followed by your PC’s operating system.


@Ergastolator1, @Magnus
Thanks for the time. If it is the only way to display my page here in my location or in my device, i’ll do some reading regarding DNS. (installing apps maybe I’ll try it later) and after DNS technique, if still showing related links then perhaps i have to find another free site. thank you guys and GOD bless.

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One more thing: Switching to another free service won‘t help :smile: They use DNS too, and if you have the same DNS Server it won‘t become faster.


hello… goodday yeah maybe you are right. I made some discorvery today :smile: I think theres a big difference between and Sorry my fault. I removed the ?i=1 thing in the last part of the address. i dunno what’s that mean but i can view my page now. THANK You guys.

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Well there she goes again… it ain’t displaying my page.
Every time i post the good news about my page, the related links comes out.
And the funny thing is my two browsers, chrome and brave displaying this

my designed app can display my page



The caching issue strikes again. Try clearing cookies and cache from your browser’s settings.

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ohh boy… :smiley:

Follow up… @Ergastolator1

my wife test my site in her office using her iPhone pls see pic. ty

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Can she try to use a faster DNS resolver? And clear cookies and cache from her browser? If she can’t set it, let her download an app called “DNSCloak”, and scroll down to see the list of the complete servers. I suggest you use the cloudflare-dns one or the google one. After some time, her iPhone should be connected to one of these servers, and that app works for both mobile data and Wi-Fi connections.

i wont try any other program just to fix the problem. its already been tested in two different location and yet the problem still there. cleaning already been done so many times. My designed program showing what i want and i think thats fine for now.

BTW, Nod32 detected something after loading that related link… i forgot to screenshot it.

heres from nod32 log

Time;Scanner;Object type;Object;Detection;Action;User;Information;Hash;First seen here
8/6/2019 3:48:28 PM;HTTP network protection;file;;AdRedirector Object;connection terminated;;Event occurred during an attempt to access the web by the application:\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe.;;

Here’s what I see from my end:

So it should work from our computers but yours, and the caching issues strike again on that type of browser.

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