My Greek Website Shows In Russian

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my website is

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Greek text displays in Russian

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I’ve tried UTF-8 but it won’t fix


What are you using for your website? Are you using your website through wordpress or just normally?

My website is made purely of html

sorry i mixed it up, was thinking his russian site was displayed in greek

my bad


It’s okay…

Now replying to @anon62056934:

just go to my website, right click and then press “see code”

I don’t have that option, I’m using iPad.

Do you mean КблщуЮсиет! :)? or a screenshot would help.

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copy and paste “view-source:

Won’t work, it alerts “Safari can not open the page because it is invalid.”

before you start working on the website
in some text editor
it is essential to choose encoding
and when, say, you select encoding utf-8
and you type in some special characters

and you defined in html inside the head
that the document is utf-8

<meta charset = "utf-8">

then there should be no problems and the browser does not have to guess
(in your case it is missing)

the text in your page displays well
only on view-source through the browser this can be seen

and reports that it is encoded with windows-1253

which means that you probably wrote html in some windows txt editor and did not select utf-8
and saved the page before uploading

it may also depend on how it is defined in the httpd.conf on the Apache server
but you have nothing to do with it :slight_smile:


Your website is literally laid out in russian.

Why are you using russian characters?

AFAIK the html “lang” attribute doesn’t magically transform your characters into greek, the browsers themselves choose whether or not to translate it.

You put some english in the bottom, too (the “copyright” and such), and it shows up as english for me even though your lang attribute is clearly “el” (Greek).

When I inspect the page it shows that you wrote it in Russian (at least, it looks like Russian).


Oh, nvm it’s Greek (I didn’t look hard enough, XD).

Why does it show as Russian to you then?

From the looks of it, there IS a Russian word in there, but when I inspect the page it shows that it [the one Russian word] is, in fact written in Russian. (I don’t think chrome auto converts source pages, so…).

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Meta charset UTF-8 just straight up turns everything into question marks, this doesn’t help.

You did not understand me
it is not enough to just write utf-8 inside the head

but also your document should be written in utf-8
or convert from that ISO-8859-7 you use to utf-8

or declare in head the charset name
which you used while writing the document

you need to declare the right charset in the document
so the browser does not have to guess what the charset is
to avoid that it mispronounces some characters.


That’s correct.

<meta charset="utf-8">

turns unknown characters. It only allows the alphabetic characters, numbers, usual symbols, and other symbols but not other characters in different langauges.

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