My ftp still not working after suspension is fixed

my account : [email protected]

my account has been suspended when uploading my project files , but after sending ticket it works but ftp still not workinh

You may have to wait a little while for ftp to work. If it doesn’t work after about 2 hours, your account may need to be manually reactivated by Admin.

@moderators please hide the email


Yes, in the client area. Not in the hosting system (ifastnet).

@Mezoooo Suspensions can take up to 6 hours to be fully reactivated.

Have you tried this article already?

Most notably, the logging into the control panel and resetting the password should help.

And if your account was suspended again and this is not visible in the client area, doing those things should make that 1) clear and 2) fix itself. So please do that.


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