My freenom domain is actually activated :D

Just sharing my story, you know in past (to be exact, Christmas day 2020) where i register my domain in Freenom, it give me order number, it told me, freenom will email me when domain is ready, but fun fact, freenom never email me back?

I’m lucky, my domain, is registered in same day. Oh my god :smiley:

That really did the trick, you need mobile phone, Windscribe VPN connected to US server, and fake details from US obtained from

Now i just figure out how i transfer my website.
I mean, SSL already for subdomain, Elementor theme, and 9 plugins. It’s going to be hard. If you can assist me, i’ll appreciate you :slight_smile:
That’s it, see ya :sob:

And, when you have your order number after signing up, just straight and login to Freenom’s client area using your newly made account. :slight_smile:


I’m very unlucky tbh. They suspended my domain after i tried to renew with a proxy pointing to the another country. :joy: :expressionless:

Why :confused:
hugs you ^^

:joy: I used that trick to register a domain from Freenom
The domain is [Censored Because Advert] .ml


i nomore need freenom, so…
also *hugs back*
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ik your domain name.

:roll_eyes: but if showed that domain name in this forum = advert

Yeah, everyone knows your domain name,


tenor (92)

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should i mark it as HIDDEN BY MOD?

No please



Screenshot from 2021-01-08 06-44-43
You know what, everytime I refresh my freenom’s client area, it just loading then that error.
Freenom having hiccups today, idk why :confused:

very Noice :slight_smile:


hopefully freenom starts working again, that way I can further reduce number of plugins I have installed once I add my site to cloudflare

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freenom is now working again

I realized, after 24 hours, I can start parking my domain!
Let’s wait the first day :slight_smile:

Screenshot from 2021-01-09 08-43-27
Yaaaaaayy!! ^~^


:tada: :clap:

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