My (FREE) subdomain takes me to a weird ad page

So two of my Free subdomains and always redirects to another “AD” website. Please help me fix this, Thanks…

You are getting these „ad sites“ because your DNS or cache has not updated.
You should clear your browser cache, flush DNS and if nothing works switch to faster DNS servers or simply wait until the subdomains work.


okay. I will try and If those don’t work I will get back here to tell you.

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Yea so… What do I clear cache on? My Chromebook or on the site?

In your browser (most likely Chrome), clear the cache.


@Magnus It did not work.

The subdomain is working fine for me now. The subdomain doesn’t work, because it’s currently not assigned to a hosting account. You can add it to an existing account through the Subdomains menu or create a new account for the domain.

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