My files do not upload all the way

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My files when i make updates dont all the way upload

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if you are using the online file manager then it usually causes issues

try using a desktop ftp program (filezilla recommended)


I do not Want to pay for things i want to use it for free

filezilla is free


When i update the files it will show defiantly on all platform (webs) So i have no real web because they are all diffent

Add me on discord please if you have it IT3312 adnd look up and send me a screen shot on discord if you have it

i see this on your main home page

and this on your projects page with an animated advert

if this is correct but youre not seeing it then try clearing your browser cache


Yes but my new files wont update

Please share the full error logs


Please note that our servers enforce quite strong browser cache by default for all static files, including HTML content. So after updating your HTML content, please remember to either clear your browser cache, or check your site in Incognito Mode so you will see the latest changes.


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