My Files are Being Deleted for a simple landing page

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My simple index.html file and the associated landing page jpg file (which is only 718 KB) keep being delted autiomatcially when I upload them to the proper htdocs folder. It’s just a simple landing page to start with andthere is no reason why this should be deleted.

seems ok to me


I just put the files back up. But they keep taking them down for some reason… hopefully it will stay up this time, but better yet, I wish I could get an explanation on why they were deleting my files to begin with!

oh I see

You’ll have to wait for Admin to investigate


I’m not sure what there is for me to see. There are a number of known reasons why a file may be deleted, which are described here:

The page you uploaded now seems to be staying there. As for why your previous upload attempts did not succeed, I have no way to even speculate without seeing the file in question.


It was a simple index file and a jpg associated with it. So far, it seems to be staying up (I did delete the index2 file that was there as the initial homepage; it kept deleting my files and reverting back to that “Infinity” index2.) Seems to all be ok now…

I’m not sure if it was the issue, but just to let you know, you cannot edit the default index2.html file. Instead, you can delete it and upload your own index.html file. If you were trying to edit the default file, that could explain why your changes were not saved.


No, wasn’t editing the index2, just simply uploading my own index.html along with the jpg, then it would be automatically deleted a couple of hours later and I would have to re-upload. It finally stopped getting auto-deleted once I deleted the index2 file. Strange… but now resolved. Thanks!

Files being reverted a few hours later doesn’t make any sense. I don’t question your observation, I just have no idea why that would happen.

Let’s assume that whatever it was, it’s fixed now. If this does pop up again later, please feel free to bring it up again.


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