My file is getting deleted

So i have a file that is 290 kb. The file itself is a dll but i changed the extension to .uffya. its not a virus or anything (i can send the file and virustotal to an admin if u want). its getting deleted after some seconds. pls halp

There are four reasons a file could be automatically deleted. You already ruled out the file size limit, which still leaves three options:

  • The file is uploaded outside a htdocs directory.
  • The file is of a disallowed type.
  • The file is detected to be malware.

I must admin, I don’t know how the malware/file type filtering actually works (or which extensions are blocked specifically), it’s a closely guarded secret. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the file type filtering would block DLL files, and isn’t fooled simply by renaming the file.

Please just don’t try to upload DLL files here. Our servers can’t run them and we’re not a file sharing service.