My website is not working

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is an Epizy advertisement page.

I’m using Google Chrome to browse.

please have some more patience (that your ISP gets new DNS data)
or if you want and you have enough knowledge

It’s been much longer than 72 hours and I’m experiencing the same problem with my site. I get the same placeholder except on Firefox, which redirects to random spam sites. I have two websites, the first of which is working fine. The second,, is not working. I have even compared files in the respective sites’ directories and they contain the same information in the same format.

Thank you! It was a problem with DNS!

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@jimcavalier6 I recommend you try the method that @Oxy suggested!

I’ll take a look at Cloudflare, but I don’t think it should be necessary to make changes on my end, especially when my other epizy website is working fine. This tells me it’s not a DNS problem.

I tried using Cloudflare (as well as other DNS settings) and, as I suspected, it made no difference. And, yes, I did flush the DNS settings each time. Since my other epizy website is working, this tells me there’s a problem that is, most likely, on the Infinity side. I’m open to other suggestions.

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