My entire epizy website disapeared

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Nothing appears in my account. It looks like the entire account has been deleted.

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Have you done that?

I’m not sure what you mean my this. When I go to your website I get this:


Nope, I didnt delete anything. Its been a while since I logged in last time, but all the content has completely disappeared. |)


There’s absolutely no website hosted at my account. Looks like it has been deleted. Not even 1 file and when I tried to log in this morning my password just didn’t work. Looks like something has been done in the level of the host! Sadly!

Then please be patient until the admin sees this topic and checks internally


You can see for yourself that the entire account is not deleted. You can see the domain name is active and appears to have a WordPress installation on it. If it was deleted, there wouldn’t be a site.

The site and it’s content isn’t gone, it’s just broken, but websites can break down and be fixed, all without corrupting or losing any data.

I do see that the profile you used to write this post was created yesterday. So of course, you won’t find your old hosting account on a new profile. You’ll need to login with the email address you previously used to create the account to be able to access it.

Once you have access to the hosting account, you can try to fix this issue. I took a quick look, and it just looks like your site has an older WordPress installation that’s a few versions behind. It’s likely that it broke when we upgraded our servers to PHP 8.2, and you can fix it by updating WordPress.


Hi, thanks for the answer, but the information does not proceed, unfortunately. I use the same account for managing the page since the beginning as you can see in the message below, I only gotta clean the whole e-mail address for privacy issues, but, as I said, my whole website has been deleted from the host, as per I can see in my account, at least

Bonjour Rubem,

Ce message vous confirme que votre mot de passe a bien été modifié sur Radio Centre-Ville.

Si vous n’avez pas modifié votre mot de passe, veuillez contacter l’administrateur du site à cette adresse :

Ce message a été envoyé à [rub**.rib****]
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I’m sharing another message from 2020 the confirms Ive always used the same e-mail address to manage the account (Im sorry but I use to use french on my communications in this website):

Salutations ! Votre site à l’adresse a été automatiquement mis à jour vers WordPress 5.2.6.

Pour en savoir plus sur la version 5.2.6, lisez l’écran À Propos de WordPress :
I cleaned the link because the forum does not allow more than two for begginers

WordPress 5.4.1 est disponible. La mise à jour est facile et ne requiert que quelques secondes :

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The emails you quoted are from WordPress, not from us. Those are sent to the admin email address you configured in your WordPress site, which can be entirely different from the email address you use to communicate with us.

And in your situation, that’s exactly what’s happening.

All I can say right now is that the hosting account is registered to a different email address. I can’t say for certain if it has always been the same, but I can’t find anything to suggest the email address has been changed.


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