My ebsite hasn't change

i have owned “hhtp://” by your service ans already installed wordpress on it but NO CHANGE!
i have tougjt it as a db issues but hen i have changed that, it stayed the same (like it is a parking domain name).
Can you see hat happen

Your site works fine for me and displays a WordPress blog. What you’re describing is likely a DNS cache issue:


:face_with_monocle: i have just opened it in my smartphone for the first time but again aadvertisement

How cani resolve this DNS cache issues?


i dont understand anything!
Shoud i wait 72hours for the propagation of dns or it worked fine for everybody except on my pc and smartphone???

From the article @ChrisPAR shared:

That way, if you first try to access your website from your laptop and then from your phone on the same WiFi, your phone will receive the data the DNS Resolver remembered from the previous lookup. This means your website will load a bit faster on the phone.

Please read that article and try some of the workarounds.

DNS cache can be complicated.

In short, after 72 hours your site should work for everyone. Right now, it may already work fine for some people and devices, but not for others (such as your own).

The article describes some workarounds you can try so you can see the website faster. For everyone else, it will be impossible to predict if they see your website already or not.


ok it’s all good no . Thank you

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