My domein Name doesnt work

If I visit my domain name it shows a very weird screen even tho it is connected with my website?

Clear your cache by right-click on your webpage, then click inspect, then right-click reload button, then click “Empty cache and reload”


It is a template i use

Ok. But can you access the website?

It works now, i only got 1 problem. My site says it is not Protected?

Oh, realized that’s welcome page from your registrar. Sorry

Use a ssl. Connect it to Cloudflare or use ssl from the client area.

You can get free SSL from
Choose Let’s Encrypt, type your domain, and follow the instructions

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I think i got it but idk i will check

Multiple sets of nameservers were detected on your domain name. This is not recommended and may make your domain inaccessible.

What does this mean?

Check your nameserver in your registrar.
And while you putting epizy nameservers, you should remove your registrar’s nameservers as well. Don’t combine them

These are my nameservers

Move to top, and remove


How do i setup these DNS?

do you put _acme-challenge in record name?

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Record name? Were do i find that

I found it

How can i install Userlike plugin to my website?

I don’t know. Maybe you can ask on their website, Userlike: Live Chat Software for Websites and Messaging Apps