My domain was in grendelhosting

I bought domain via grendelhosting and managed it with their cpanel. There were no any problems with my domain, so that I missed April 1. Would you recommend me how to renew my management of the domain (I need to change DNS addresses)?

This is quite complicated because migration to seperate brands (InfinityFree & XVHost) already happened many months ago and you have only noticed it now. As GrendelHosting was powered by a reseller hosting plan it was most likely registered to a bigger hosting service which has it’s own independent infrastructure.

By the way are you from Belarus? It appears that your domain’s registar info shows that it is registered on someone’s name whos from Belarus. Can you please go to this link and check if your domain’s registar info is your real info? In that case if it perfectly matches your real identity you may be able to contact with the highest registar and provide necessary info and get back controlship of your domain.

I would also like to hear @Admin 's opinion on this issue…

Have a good day.


If you registered a domain with Grendel Hosting before, it has been migrated to XVHOST. There is an account in the billing area of XVHOST waiting for you with your domain in it. All you need to do is request a new password (the e-mail address is the same as the one you used on this forum) and you’ll have full access to your domain name again.

Thanks for verifying that @Admin. I knew that it was supposed to be like that, but I wasen’t sure.