My domain is suspended Help please!

I need help. Please any from infinity free can reactivate this account?
I cant delete the domain associated, i cant delete the account and create another.

i need help. Please reavtivate my account

username epiz_25397934

Are you sure your account has been suspended?
There are several reasons for that page to show up.

If your account is indeed suspended, you can see the reason for the suspension in your client area.
The reactivation depends on the reason. These are your options:


You are not allowed to have 2 accounts…

@juanld, please delete one of your accounts (the number of email accounts does not matter, it is 1 account per person). Having more than one is grounds for suspension on all of your accounts (and a permanent ban from the service). If you need more accounts, please upgrade to premium hosting.

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Aren’t you allowed to create up to 3 accounts.

Yes, 3 accounts in the same email account. But just one email account.


Okay, thank you.


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