My domain is not working

Hi i wanted to change hosting so i changed the nameservers but when im entering (my domain) it directs me to Infinity free ads. Plz help

The domain does not seem to have been registered at all. The domain does seem to have been registered. However, this domain name is not assigned to an account, and is not pointing to our nameservers (it’s pointing to Cloudflare).

Please add the domain name to your hosting account first. You can do so through the Addon Domains section in your control panel.

Note that the Account Label value is just a piece of text you can configure to whatever you can use to identify the account. Editing your account label does not change the contents or configuration (including the hosted domain names) of your account.

Sorry i meant but i didnt understand tell me what i can do to remove this redirect to It started to be so when i changed host.

How exactly did you “change host”? Did you just enter the IP address in Cloudflare’s nameservers?

If so, that’s completely normal. That happens because you ask the server to load the website for But has not been assigned to any account, so the server doesn’t know which website to load. So it loads the page instead.

To fix this, the domain must be assigned to an account first. You can do so by adding it to an existing account as an Addon Domain or Parked Domain, or by creating a new hosting account for it.

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