My domain is already registered with some other email id

When i tried to add my domain it says that my domain is existing with some other id but i bought it new

you need to supply more information like your hosting id, domain name etc etc


By domain name is

What is saying that? And what is the exact error message? Also, where are you trying to add the domain (To a new account, existing account, etc)?


I am getting thsi error : The selected custom domain is already in use on InfinityFree. If this is your custom domain, please remove it from any other accounts first.

your domain name seems to already be pointing to an active website and the name servers are handled by cloudflare !


Ohh , sorry i shared to wrong domain , actually i am having problem with :

Hi Sagar_Anmol, has no DNS records published, please check from your domain registrar for the DNS records, or nameserver point to see if those settings are correct. You’ll be needing at least one “A” record pointing to an IP address for this to work as desired.



The domain is not exactly “new” anymore, it was registered in July of last year. And some time after that, it was assigned to a hosting account with us, where the website still seems to be hosted today.

Did you sign up with us with more than one email address? And maybe host the website with us before on that other email address?


Yes thats right i am unable to find the email id that is associated with the domain but i have the domain access

Verify the ownership of the domain by checking the domain registrar account. make sure you are the right owner of the domain.

You can request a password reset link for a domain name too through the reset password system:

It will not disclose the email address for obvious privacy issues, but you should be able to request a reset there, and then check your email accounts to see where the email ended up.

Without disclosing too much information: the email address looks a bit like the domain name.


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