My domain is already assigned and in use?

My website URL is supposed to be

I believe that there is a mistake with vistapanel, because everytime I try to add the domain, it gives me an error saying that it has already been registered.

^ Proof that I own it… If you need more I can find out how to get you more like a receipt or something.

Basically I need to find out how to reset it from the system.

I understand it is an easy domain. It IS from freenom but I just don’t know how it got on the system, especially with the domain

If you’ve used it on another MOFH host besides InfinityFree, and didn’t remove the domain before moving, then that would be why. They’re all on the same system.


This is the only service I have used to host a website on for free. I think it might be the domain was on someone else’s before it renewed?

I looked up the domain in the system and it appears that the domain is in use on an account at You’ll need to remove your domain from there before you can add it here.


I looked up what I have registered and found one for (no add-on domain registered) and I couldn’t find anything on byethost22. com as it isn’t a valid domain.

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