My domain is suspended for cpu overuse my domain is suspended for cpu overuse… Can it be activated today itself… I need it activated as I’ve ran paid promotions for my site and visitors are redirected to…please reactivate it today @admin… I promise I won’t break the rules from the next time… But please , for god’s sake, please reactivate my domain today… Please @Admin

If you haven’t read the full message about suspension, it says that accounts cannot be activated upon request, you have to wait for the specified time before activation

Also websites aren’t suspended with reason of “cpu overuse” by breaking rules

But my money is wasting na, I’ve paid promotions running for my website and all the money are going in vain as it is redirected to…please help me reactivating my domain @Admin

Suspended for the exceeded daily usage if CPU AND EP

@Admin can’t activate accounts that are suspended with reason of overusing anything, as far as i know.

so who can activate it @Admin?

It will be automatically activated after time that is shown in message.

If you’re spending money on your site already, have you considered investing some of that money in premium hosting? That way, you’ll have more assurance that the visitors you paid for will actually be able to view your site reliably.

We’re not going to give you additional server power for free just because you paid someone else to overload your hosting account. Everyone gets the same limits. If you hit the limits, your account is suspended for a day. If you don’t want that to happen, you need to reduce your usage or upgrade your account.


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