My domain has a DNS problem

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

I checked dnschecker to see if the name servers were changed.
While GoDaddy indicates that I successfully changes the nameservers to ns1,byet,com, The DNS checker says its nameserver is ns4,afternic,com and ns3,afternic,com

You need to wait at least 30 minutes to 24 hours for the nameservers changes to fully propagate before you can use the domain on our platform.

Thank you for your reply. The issue is that I changed it since last Friday.

It looks that’s something with GoDaddy, rechange it or contact them.

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It looks like the nameservers are indeed still pointing to

Are you sure that this is the domain name you own? The WHOIS output shows that is currently owned by some domain broker.

If it is, please check with Go Daddy why your domain name shows this status. Only they can make sure that the nameservers you submitted to their panel are passed on to the registry.

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I contacted GoDaddy. They told me to ask you which nameservers should I put.

Because I put

Are those correct?

Yes, they’re correct.


Then why when It still points to somewhere else? Even though I changed it last Friday.

I also checked the WHOIS information for that domain and, as I can see, I think that domain belongs to somebody else, and not you. Are you sure you registered your domain? If you didn’t register it, you can’t add it into an account unless somebody else changes the nameservers to those ones.


I am 100% sure i purchased the domain name.

Sorry guys, there was a typo! My domain is actually!

And it is successfully hosted.

I can close this issue.

Thank you all!


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