My domain got scammed! admins help me

HELLO I buyed godaddy domain ( i write this site and im remove in this site and i use other host’s my paid host if i try to login my website i got

HELP ME! Why Scammed My Domain? i pay 10$ for .com in godaddy help me!

nobody steal your domain
Here you can see where it is

you just need to wait for DNS propagation

because I assume your browser,OS, ISP, router, etc. has an old DNS data in the cache

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so u say i change my dns in my network settings

so im sad dude after howmany hour can i get back my website

I repeat !
your domain pointing to another hosting and all you have to do is wait
and then for any questions contact your other hosting provider

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ohh its fixed thanks

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You will need to wait for your domain to propagate, it usually takes up to 24 hours.
Also did you use the nameservers ns1 -

You can get your website back at anytime, InfinityFree doesn’t havr control over your domain. You are the only one who have full access to your domain.