My Domain Can't Be Registered Because Its Already Use [Even though It Isn't]

Please help me with my domain name.

My domain name was: It is hosted on Freenom. I already change my domain name's nameservers to the infinityfree nameservers. But when i want to park or addon the domain to my subdomain, it was an error. Error: is already assigned to an account and in use on another account..

Please help me. Im stuck with this.
Thank you. Pls help me as soon as possible.

Hello there,

Did you use any other web hosting before InfinityFree? If so then what was it?

may still be propagating, can take upto 72 hours, as @UnknownLolz asked knowing a of another web host would be very helpfull

Yes and it was ProFreeHost that is also being ran by iFastNet.

You must delete your domain on that hosting first.

You can check my whois lookup of my own domain name

I already did that but still this error still occurs.

You need to delete it on profreehost because it is same as infinytyfree

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  1. Delete the pro hosting nameservers
  2. Delete your domain from prohosting
  3. Then Update your infinityfree nameservers.

In their Control Panel? Or in their Client Area?

I think you must delete your domain in the Control Panel. Go to Addon Domains or Parked Domains and delete your domain there if you can see it.

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The domain isn’t in use anymore now. Do you still experience this issue?

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Thank you @UnknownLolz . I now deleted the domain on their Cpanel before I cancelled it again. It works!

@Admin Nope, I already figured it out

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