My Domain is redirecting to ads pages

My Username is epiz_31673362 and my Website URL is:

I can see from Domain checker that my domain is using nameservers.
But on the opening website, it is opening some advertisements. Its been around 2 weeks since I have pointed my DNS and the result seems to be the same.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

dns propagation. check back in a few hours.

My best bet is to remove the domain and add again from the control panel.

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Hi @jaikrishna.t Actually it’s been around 2 weeks since I have pointed my DNS to these name servers and as per my knowledge, I think it should take a maximum of 72 hours.

So it seems like there is some problem.

My best bet is to remove the domain and add it again from the control panel.

If you mean removing these DNS names from my domain name provider panel then
already done that, this actually is my 2nd try. I tried the first time over a month ago but the same problem happened then I removed the nameservers and the default was working fine. I waited for a weak and then added back nameservers, but same problem again.

If you are referring to something else, Please guide.

Stop removing/changing DNS records while your domain is not working. It will only make the wait longer.

It seems as if your nameservers have not propagated. Wait for them to propagate (you can check the progress with the link below) and add it to your account once it is finished.

Hi @wackyblackie
Thanks for the reply but looks like my name servers are pointed to and its been the same for the last two weeks(I haven’t made any changes after 2022-06-05). That is why I opened the ticket to check if I can get any help. I am trying to get this working since 2022-05-08 but seems like I am out of luck.

Has the domain been added to your hosting account?

And your nameservers are not set to Bodis, they appear to be set to the Epizy ones, but have not propagated.


It looks like the system messed up when you added your domain to the account, and it never assigned it an IP address:

What you should do is remove it from the addon domains section of the control panel, reload the page, then add it back in again.


@wackyblackie My name servers are not to Bodis for sure.

Hi @Greenreader9

I tried this but I got an error

Yes, that is exactly what I said.

Just follow @Greenreader9’s advice and see where you end up. I cannot hurt anything.

Hm, thats weird. I get the same error when trying to add it to my account.

Is that the only domain on that account? If it is, I would try creating a new account.


Yes, it’s the only domain on this account. Okay, I will try deleting the account and creating a new one.

It seems that you created the account epiz_31985786 with the domain, but something went wrong in our systems and the correct DNS records were not created.

As others have said, the easiest way to fix this is to remove the domain from the account and add it again (through the Addon Domains section in the control panel). You can also remove it from this account and create a new account, either way should force the correct settings to be created.


@Greenreader9 @wackyblackie @jaikrishna.t @Admin

Thank you all for your valuable time and advice. As adviced by @Greenreader9 deactivating the existing account and creating a new account solved the issue.


maybe something messed up in.htaccess . try recreating new one

As the issue has been solved, there is not a need for more replies, I am closing this topic.

And @Kshitij, .htaccess is not going to cause a redirect to BODIS.

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