My database is still missing!

Username epiz_31063376, Website URL

My database just disappeared 3 days ago. I have been waiting, and I read that the system is back up. myPhp still says “No Databases on this account”.

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My database is missing too. I thought it was a SQL injection though.
Username: epiz_28801629

Some databases were probably lost due to the recent outage or corrupted. I am not sure of this too either.

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No, I don’t think your databases are lost @mybelle and @lnajla. I think they were misplaced. See this reply from admin:


I contactef ifastnet, the database structure then appeared again, but is not clickable… message “Table doesnt exist in engine”

Can you reply to your ticket and let them know that?


Well I got my database back but some tables are missing and some are corrupted.

This can happen unfortunately. Sadly, there is no way to get the data back if it’s corrupted.


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