My Database is not showing

Suddenly my Database is not showing on cPanel. So, I couldn’t able to access it. Please solve this issue asap.

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I have this issue as well. My site is also unable to connect so it’s unusable now. New dbs don’t show up when I try to make any either. I’m on vol15_8

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@Admin please help me… What is the reason for this? I cannot able to do anything without my database.

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For me the databases show correctly and I’m on vol9_6. For you maybe iFastNet has hidden all your databases on the Panel, and that’s an issue.
EDIT: There is also an issue with some databases servers. That should be resolved later on, but we don’t know the ETA, so iFastNet should take the time to resolve the database servers.

My website also showing Database error. “Error establishing a database connection”…

Have you seen the edit that I made to my post? There is an issue with the database servers, and someone needs to get in touch with iFastNet to know when the issue will be resolved.

It’s working now. :smiley:

So someone like @Oxy (I don’t call it anymore the next once in a while) can close this topic!

Just, FYI, for everyone in this topic who only shared their hosting volume and no other account information:

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