My Database is empty

(please specify the website or account you are asking about)

When i go in phpMyAdmin, database is Empty. and when i see in MyDatabase. again database is empty…

Is some bug or i dont do something ???

What do you suppose the bug is exactly? If the database looks empty no matter how you look at it, it probably is empty. An empty database looking empty is how it’s supposed to work. So what’s the bug?


I ask ,if are some bug or not. Because before my database heave contents and now heave not, is Empty…
I dont understand why is empty…

When was the last time your database supposedly had its contents?


Before writing this post

Yes, that part was quite obvious. When was the last time you checked the database and saw the contents were there. Just hours before? Days? Weeks? Months?

Did you make any changes to your website or account during that time that could result in database changes?

OK, decided to dig a little bit myself.

I checked the control panel and there is only one database there which is indeed empty. But when I check the configuration file of your website, I see it’s installed through Softaculous and is using a different database than the one found in the control panel.

Some time ago (a few months?) we had a bug where databases created by Softaculous didn’t show up in the control panel. That’s fixed now for new databases, but for databases that were created while the bug was active, you can fix it yourself by simply creating the database again from the control panel (don’t worry, it won’t affect the contents of the database).

I just did that for your database and checked it with phpMyAdmin. And all the data of your site was there!

You could have known yourself that the database was not empty. If your site that’s using a database is still working and shows all your content, it means the database contents are not gone, and something else is happening.


Thanks for the help…
I delete the old database and create a new database , and actually everithing is ok.
Only the servers are slowly and mush times is unavailable the connect to the web.
Anyway. your help was very helpful. Thank you again.

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