My custom domain name links to my other epizy website

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: the wrong website (my main epiz site) instead of

I’m using this software: chrome

Additional information::confused::worried::disappointed_relieved:

mmm? it’s works to me fine:

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But it misses all styles, images, scripts and pages.
@Heruktiang, please upload also the missing styles, images, scripts and pages on the respective folders, or else we cannot see properly the contents of the website.

i just visited your site and looked at the page source code few lines down you have

a style sheet link to
but the file bootstrap.css is not found in the css directory so its not loading

so make sure you create a directory called css in htdocs and upload the bootstrap.css file into that directory, everything should be fine

@Galaxip, it also misses other styles, and all images, scripts and pages. So please also check other parts of the source code and click all the links to see if they exist before posting, or read what I posted instead!

sorry Ergastolator1 somehow i missed your reply ?

that is because that is not
that is… the main account is the second account

So it looks like the index got copied from tpt to tefara

fixed that.
now my make a payment page doesnt show up. I get a 404 page

That’s because the URL is A Payment.html but the file is called Make A payment.hml. Our servers, like almost all servers, are case sensitive. So if you change either the file name or URL to have the same capitalization, that link will work.

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