My css stopped working

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my css just stopped working from site pro its weird

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it looks like your /css directory has been deleted or possibly a line in htaccess preventing it

can you check if the directory still exists via ftp or the file manager


i havent deleted it lemme see

You probably have an incomplete upload
because the css, js, gallery, gallery_gen, etc. folders are missing.


its from sitepro

idk it was working before and i did nothinh from sitepro

Then you probably didn’t publish your site, and you were making some changes.

Always remember to click publish


Hi dznvvv, It seems like you have an issue with the way you are requesting the CSS url. Your url looks like this: And since you are using a time stamp to check for the CSS url, you should update it in the html file every time you make changes to your CSS file. In my opinion, just remove the?ts= line from your HTML link.

I really doubt that is the issue here, since requesting with no timestamp does not work either and results in a 404 - which lines up with the issue that has mentioned, the folders seemingly not existing in the system at all. The timestamp may be automatically managed by SitePro, and seems to be irrelevant in this case.


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