My created account does not appear in account manager

I have created an account ( I have uploaded files and the site, which is in testing, is working. I can connect via FTP to upload or modify files.
But the account no longer appears in the account manager of the control panel. The domain is working. But it does not appear in “Accounts”.

Welcome to the forum.

When you go here, what do you see?

Maybe post a screenshot?

I have a deleted domain. But the account corresponding to does not appear.

The strange thing is that I can log in to the ftp. And I can also visit the web, so it seems that the account is active, but it does not appear in the account listing…

I can see this:

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Hmmm… This is probably something the Admin will have to look into on the server. I’m not sure why it is doing that. You didn’t create a different account with a separate email address did you? (Example: you have 2 separate Infinity Free accounts using 2 different email addresses?) You just have the one Infinity Free account? And you are logged into the correct account for that domain name?

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That’s because the account in question is linked to a different email address. You’re posting this with a profile linked to your Gmail address, but the account is registered to your Hotmail one.


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