My account was Suspended

**My website URL is:

**What I’m seeing is: suspendeddomain that what i see and tell me [How to upgrade or transfer your free hosting account to iFastNet or want to transfer your site from another host to iFastnet? Click here to find out how.]

I’m using this software:

**Additional information:**website builder

That’s just what happens when you try to visit a website on a suspended, account, however looking at your domain name I believe I see why it was suspended. Those kinds of sites are nearly always scams, and I’d be suprised if yours wasn’t also.

no it’s not scams .

what can i do to retour this website

Wait at least 24 hours or see the Client Area on what you should do to reactivate.

I don’t know, what does it say in the client area?

i can open a clien area but the problem if when i wannt to go to my web site tell me you account is suspended and when someone want visit tell that is suspended

For me it redirects to ads. Your website may be indeed classified as spam or abuse, even if you said, “that isn’t”, and you may create a new account here, making sure your website doesn’t have any name that could be classified as spam or abuse.

so you can back this web site??

Yes, but having to respect the Terms of Service or reporting via a ticket with your request if you want to keep your account when you said it wasn’t a spam website, even if the URL is clearly used in spam websites.


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Great! So what does the client area say the status of your account is?

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