My Account was Suspended without Notification

I have about 5 accounts on my cpanel three of which are added outside my cpanel and two of which where added in the cpanel. I Woke up only to find out that my account was suspended. I wrote to support for my review in which two were activated but each time I want to click on the third on it says I have two active account and two in review that if I go further to review my suspended account I might not activate the rest accounts. What is giving me concern now is that this account that was suspended I have not even started building them and the one which I started to build was base on article directory and job finding placement which obeys the terms and conditions of the hosting plan. I make sure I check my innode so I don’t exceed the limit so as not to crash my website but I am surprise that my website was suspended for no reason and the one that gavee course for worry now is the domain I placed in side my cpanel which I am unable to let support review. Please I will like to know the reason why my account was suspended because I know I follow the terms and conditions of your free hosting also you may say let me submit review request but I can’t even gain access to my domain from the inside not to talk of submiting a review. This is my,www.dream and I will appreciate if my account is activated so that I can continue with the building of my website. Thanks