My Account Was Suspended For Hartmul Content

I Dint Upload Hartmul Content Any Types if i upload i cant remmeber i wil delete after reactivate please reactivate account

Are you permanently suspended or temporarily suspended?


“hartmul”? Do you mean harmful?

You might be right. While you might not have uploaded any harmful content, a bot might have flagged something that it sees as harmful (I can safely say that all hosting services use bots or auto harmful content detection. It is vital that a virus or malware or other malicious program does not infect their service). This might be something you have not considered to be harmful, or a wrong flagging by the bot. If the latter is true, Infinityfree generally won’t change that and they will instead ask for your to remove the harmful content. It may seem unfair, but you get what you pay for (0$, wow what a bargin for something so liberal as compared to other restricting free sites. Also, most sites will do what Infinityfree is doing, so don’t expect for a site to just let you in with content a bot flagged as harmful).

Another possibility is that you installed something that brought in malware. Plug-ins can bring in malware all the time. It is important that you check what you have installed, and look up the reputation for that.

Since suspension for harmful content is permanent (I would assume you mean “suspended for abuse”, which I believe includes malware detection), you have to create a support ticket. You can ask them what triggered this suspension. You cannot get your account re-activate unless you create a support ticket and comply to the instructions that support will give you. Abuse is something not to be taken lightly, that is why the guidelines are so strict.


i deleted sir

Harmful content is always permanent, because if it is reactivated there is a window in which before they get suspended again (assuming the bot checks every so often) that they can do more damage if they are indeed a malicious website.

What did you delete? Deleting the site doesn’t help, as you don’t have a site anymore to host it on, and making a new site on Infinityfree will likely produce the same result: suspension again.

Deleting the file that support said was harmful should be what you want, as they will likely re-activate the account. Wait for admin as he can tell you what you need to do (or at least, what you are doing right/wrong and how to handle this situation).


If it says “create a ticket”, you need to create a ticket. I checked your account, and I see you submitted your ticket and that your account was suspended within minutes after you hit send.

So please just follow the instructions provided and don’t post on the forum until you’re sure it’s not working.

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