My account was suspended due to exceeding bandwidth limit

My website URL is:

**What I’m seeing is:
i got the message that my account was suspended due to exceeding bandwidth limit. I wasn’t uploading any big files or anything similar. I was just logged into my WordPress dashboard, editing content for my school project, which is due on Tuesday, 31. of March.

If regular activity on my website exceeds the resources so quickly (after few hours of use) i will have difficulties finishing my project on time. Can you increase bandwidth limit for my account just so i can normally use and edit my site?

Thank you in advance,
Andreja." **

**I’m using this software: wordpress **

Additional information:

For me your website works fine, so your bandwidth limit suspension was revoked after 24 hours. It seems weird for me, because the bandwidth if it’s unlimited then you won’t have any temporary suspension about that limit.


No, you didn’t exceed any bandwidth limit. We don’t have bandwidth limits.

Please check the Deactivation History in your client area to see the actual limit which you hit. The limit name should be clickable and bring you to a page which explains more about that limit. That article explains what the limit is, what is means, what causes it, and what you can do to prevent your account being suspended again.

Spoiler: it doesn’t say you can ask on the forum to get your limits increased. We don’t grant extra server power to individual accounts. The fact that your normal usage happens to overloads the server doesn’t give you the right to keep doing so.


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