My account was suspended by hight data bases... how can I optimize my page so that it doesnt happend

Good morning.

my account was suspended by hight data bases, so I was suspended for 24 hours, then when my account was activated, I resized my database, and I compressed all the photos on my website so that it was not so heavy … and I was making a new section in the web site and I was suspended again for the same … they sent me an email saying this:

**Your account was suspended for: High Database Usage

Your account was suspended because high database usage was detected on your account. If an account uses a large chunk of the database server power, it is taken down to preserve the performance of the other accounts on the server. High database usage is typically caused by performing a excessively large number of database queries.

and then check the frequently asked questions so that it doesnt happen if you have to optimize the website but I do not know how to do it … please help me.

There is no singular answer to how to reduce database usage. I can tell you that compressing your images will not help (it will speed up page loads and reduce bandwidth usage, but not database usage). Generally speaking, the following might help:

  • Remove unnecessary plugins from your website (or remove the number of plugins).
  • Add a caching plugin.
  • Remove unnecessary scripts.