My account suspended for longtime

For admin special,

Username ( epiz_30724238)

Website URL:

Error Message

I have 2 websites on my account. Since last month it began to suspend daily. (io limit)

Yesterday it suspended for 22nd time.
I have only 9 suspends available.
So i want to delete one site.

But everytime it reactivated ,only available for 10mins.again suspends.

I cannot do anything. So my request is pls Let me at least 2hours to download my website and uninstall one site.

I cannot lose my 2 website due to end of suspend times.

Please let me know if you have a solution and gives me permissions.

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I know it well, pls read my problem again

You can point it to default Freenom nameservers while waiting for suspension to lift.
This can give you a rough idea whether contents on this domain is causing io limit to be breached.
Generally not a good idea to host 2 domains on one hosting account


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