My account just got suspended and I don't even know why?

Hey guys, I’ve been using InfinityFree for few months now, and It’s crazy, I love it.
but today while I’m working on my project, my account just got suspended, I’m on free plan by the way, do You know why would this happen to me, please let me know if You have any knowledge about this situation…

thank you

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Please see the client area, or your email inbox.


Yes I checked It, It says Your account was taken down due to abuse. Examples of abuse include harmful or illegal content, or sites that overload our servers.

I’m not doing any harmful things, and my project in still under development and I’m the only one using It right now so I don’t think It got a lot of traffic…

Thank you for your respond anyway

Then please read the follow the instructions right below that text. Open a support ticket and ask for help there. We can’t help you here.


okay, thank you for your help

okay just one last thing, I have three domains (accounts) in my account and They are all suspended, would It be the case if the problem is an overload on the server ? I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on, I contacted the support team but I think It’s gonna take more time than I expected

Do you have three domains in one hosting account, or three hosting accounts, each one with a different domain and they’re all suspended?
To understand the difference, for example this is my client area account page with two hosting accounts:

As for the rest of your message, no overload has been reported, and even if that’s the case the support team should let you know of that. You’ll just have to patiently await their response.

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yes I have 3 domains in one account, not 3 different accounts, and all the three domains are suspended

That’s natural, suspensions are handed by account, not by domain.

In any case, it will be best to wait for support to reply.


thank you, this link is useful… yes I’ll just wait for the support to reply, I don’t thank that I have another option :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your help, appreciate it guys

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One of the domains under my account just got reactivated, but the other ones are still suspended

Okay, all my domains are up again, I think it was a problem in InfinityFree’s side because a lot of people shared about the same issue in the last few hours, but anyway big cheers to all of you guys, you really got a great community here, thank you all for your help

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Check Now Again I Think Happend Techical Error

Everything is up and running just fine… I hope that They fixed it and We won’t face that situation again.
if anything goes wrong again with me I’ll share about it here

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