My account is suspended (for the first time)
Hi! I was browsing through my website for maintenance, and suddenly it redirected me to

  • I was only browsing through ONE PAGE, and it got suspended.
  • I use CDNs only, not local files, and I have ~3
<?php include("/include/header.php"); ?>

Do these count as hits?

Basically, I am making a CRUD system using AJAX and PHP.

Note that the AJAX doesn’t check all the time in the background, it only performs a background request when you click on a refresh/edit/delete button

  • And, I use only 7 SQL databases.
  • Typically, I make about 20 sql queries when loaded.
    Why does this happen???
  • When I log in to the control panel, it shows a huge spike

This can be caused by a large amount of traffic in a short space of time. It happens to everyone eventually.


I know, but when I check in Cloudflare analytics, there was only 1 user (Me)!!
And also note, it’s a single page app too

So your Cloudflare analytics shows just the total page requests as being 1?

Yep. It’s really weird

Can I see a picture of the CF analytics page?


That is not Cloudflare.

Yes, it is.
Here is the full screenshot

Its very strange that I had another app which is 90% similar this one, and it has only 137 hits


Could one of your scripts have gone crazy and started spamming the server?

Looking at the statistics of your accounts, things appear… off. Could be a system issue, but I don’t see any elevated suspension rates so it’s hard to conclude for sure that something is off.

For now, I would just suggest to let the suspension pass and continue as you were. If you get more of these suspensions without traffic, please come back here and reference this topic.


Probably a user is just spamming on my website, I’ll take care of that…

Yeah, I will allow a user to only click on a button every 1 minute or something like that (Kind of like slowmode in discord

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