My account is insecure

I have tried to operate my account but I have issues which I don’t know what to do. I have opened my account, had my site and installed wp but I cannot access it and my browser tells me its insecure. The word press site when I log in its not found. I thought to delete the account and start afresh could help. Please advice on what to do. I have two accounts with different emails but wanted to use one. That is one reason I wanted to delete the accounts and start again.

How does your browser tell you your website is insecure? Is it a big red error page filling the whole page?

If so, that means you're trying to access your website over HTTPS, but the supplied SSL certificate is not valid. On our hosting, this is quite normal. All websites on our hosting support HTTPS by default, but to get a green lock in your address bar, you have to install a valid SSL certificate yourself: