My account have shown that it hits Entry Process limits

What is the free account Entry Process limits .
as my account is suspended

Please read


how many limits entry process

The exact limits are not public. And even if they were, they wouldn’t be terribly useful to know.

Or are you telling me an that knowing an EP limit like 10 with a fault limit of 1000 would you any useful information to help prevent it?


To be honest am not entirely understanding the cause of these limits like I know that my site is not yet have high visit volume

Prove it then.

Many people hit the limit and then tell us “no we don’t hit the limit”. But computer systems are generally more precise and reliable than human on these server monitoring tasks, which means you indeed hit the limit.

What is the cause then? Unfortunately, our system doesn’t record that. It can be a DDoS attack, poorly coded software, large amounts of images, etc. And you’re the one that should go into this, because we don’t know any of these.


Hi Superbb,

It’s definately confusing because tech terms like Entry Process isn’t going to help you understand what’s happening here. So let’s try again.

Visitors visit your website, they enter your site, an entry process is then created to get the server to wake up and do something. However, if your website has many content like images or links, they are going to make connections apart from the page itself, and your server has to do some more to get those things done.

A page with 5 images will incur 6 entry process so to say.

Why does this matter tho? Because you’re on a free hosting, mate!

Free hosting limits the resources that your website can be used, and that also limits how much your site can grow. Consider seeking paid hosting if that matters to you and try to seek plans that do not have limitations like visitor limits, IO limits or EP limtis.

Just for your reference, no website owners would proof to their hosting about how less their website has got hits, it’s the responsibility of the host to keep your website up and performing well. Paying a good host is definately a way to keep your website going well in the long run.


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You don’t need a lot of visitors to get high entry process usage. A poorly coded site that slams the server with a large number of (slow) requests can easily cause you to hit that limit with a very small number of visitors.

Entry Processes are Entry Processes. They are not hits, page views, visits or visitors.

The limits are set to prevent your website from causing too much load on the server. So the limits are based on things we can reliably measure that affect server load.

Yes, it’s a very technical and confusing metric that’s very hard to reason about or take action on.


thank you

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