My account had been Suspend

I need to know how come my account have been suspend twice. When I have, been either updating my site or working on my site or even NOT do anything to it at all.
How come I have been getting this suspend emails?

Well, As you said, It’s most likely because whilst you where editing/working on your site, You kept refreshing the page. Then racking up either hits or entry processes


Which account are you referring to exactly?

And next time, if you need help with your hosting service, please post a topic in the Hosting Support category and fill in the topic template. That should help you provide us with the information we need to help you (instead of playing 20 questions for the next couple of days just to figure out what you’re looking at).


My domain called

So…I can’t edit too much on my site. Does that also mean I can’t post an updated blog entry on my site too? Because I got an email after I post an update entry on my site too. Sorry I am confused & worry that I will lose my site.

First, You will never loose your site, it will always be there, and if you do get permanently suspended (not for a while) they send you all your files and a database dump.
Then, Just try not to refresh the page of use the live editor, and maybe cut down on some plugins which aren’t in use.

You can view more information about past suspension in the Deactivation History in the client area for the hosting account. In there, you’ll see a record of every suspension, including the reason it was suspended, as well as a list of support tickets you opened regarding the suspensions.

That information tells you all there is to know about your account’s suspensions.

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i don’t mean to cause harm admin. I had weird fights with brother. I explain via submitted ticket. I’m disabled myself. I’m upset. but can you unban my 4 accounts? I don’t know where I can upload 3d shota hentai too. I’m a fan of HIDDEN BY MOD but I know blogspot doesn’t allow such content in their website. and I’ll be careful what I upload from now on

and if you unban my accounts, is it alright I delete some photos? once again I apologize for harmful content. I explained via ticket

To admin and HaydanANG
Thank You for the helpful tips and advice. Oh and jgwentworthcommercia
maybe create a different post for your account problem.

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That is in the hands of IFASTNET.
As of now you have hijacked 2 topics.
Please stop or else Moderators will have to ban your Forum account.

Yeah! Just submit a new topic instead of hijacking!
And no, Pornography of every kind in not allowed in our hosting and we’ll close these accounts without warning.


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