My account got suspended

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My account got suspended for no reason, I just logged in to my account and uploaded some of my new project files for testing and then about 2 min after upload my account got suspended can someone help me explain the reason why.

Other Information

I have free hosting but I haven’t upload anything ( files etc. ) that requires premium hosting.

You are contradicting yourself

How would you know?

Check client area for reason of suspension.
If it is permanent ban, raise support ticket instead.


I checked it and it is suspended I cannot upload download access my files or control panel, I have also contacted the support via ticked but no answer it’s been more than 8hr

This is expected during suspension.
You need to wait patiently as none of us can help you here.

Perhaps you violated the TOS?


What’s TOS?

See this??


I checked your client area but I can’t find any ticket. Can you share the ticket number?


What error are you having?

This is what I see: