My Account got Suspended on Day 1

Username epiz_28060456

My account got suspended on day 1, Kindly unsuspend my account because it might affect my SEO . Please do help me. I am planning to upgrade my hosting soon. Thanks

Error Message

Account Suspended

Other Information

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Requesting Support

please read why it was suspended and create a ticket if it is for abuse


They are telling because of some memory overuse. I saw the mail which went to spam

was it ram overuse

I guess so

ram overuse is a 24hour suspension and cant be appealed. Please wait 24hours for reactivation.


Is there something that can be done because this might affect the google indexing

nope. wait 24hours for reactivation

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Is there an option where i can get some extra bandwidth as a first time penality. I would really like my website to be up.

The mails went into spam folder

Hi is there something you can do @Deveroonie

yes. wait for the suspension to end


No one will receive any surplus on caps/limits because that would be unfair to everyone. Everyone receives the same limitations.


we do not give people unfair benefits just because they ask for it

that’s your issue, not ours

Bandwidth on Infinityfree is unmetered

Maybe you could check the client area and see the actual reason instead of guessing what the issue is?

For the daily limits, we always tell explicitly which limit has been hit. We try to be as clear as we can be with those things, especially given that there isn’t an option to send a ticket to ask for details.

The limits are the same for all accounts on free hosting. If they are not enough for you, please consider switching to a premium account.


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